31 Aug 2016

Krista Nicole in The Heat is On

Cybergirl Krista Nicole spends the afternoon by the pool in this awesome set from photographer Michael Valentino. On location in Los Angeles, Krista was loving the weather—even a bikini was too much clothing for such a hot, sunny day. Good thing this is Playboy Plus—no need for clothes over here. “We decided to shoot this pictorial by the pool,” says Krista. “It was really hot out, but the view was amazing. I loved my bikini, and I had a lot of fun!” The view with Krista included is doubly amazing—imagine being her neighbor and getting to see her sunbathing in the nude. “I loved working with this crew and I had a great day,” says Krista. “Before the shoot I was nervous, but everyone was so welcoming that it was all amazing from there!”

Cheyenne Cummings in Sexy on the Sofa

Cheyenne Cummings spreads her wings in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. A brand-new Cybergirl, Cheyenne is excited to be here on Playboy Plus—it’s been her dream to pose with us, and it’s been our pleasure to make it come true. “I’m hoping to do more shoots for you,” says Cheyenne. “I’ve wanted this for a long time, and I’ve always looked up to Playboy models. I have absolutely no problem posing nude for Playboy Plus!” All natural, Cheyenne loves her body, and is not shy about showing it off. When it comes to guys, she likes muscles, tattoos and green eyes, just like hers. “I also like loyalty, so no players,” she says. “Ultimately, my biggest turn-on is confidence. 

29 Aug 2016

Linda in Red Lips

Dutch babe Linda Maarseveen is your getaway girl in this set from photographers Rene de Haan and Patrick de Kaas. Equipped with a sun hat and a convertible, this Dutch beauty could get any guy to pull over and give her a hand. With her blonde hair and all-natural curves, Lisa definitely has our engines running, and we’re ready to shift into high gear.

With her dolphin

Hot conny wastes no time teasing us and pleasing herself! This hot brunette makes her little dolphin swim in her wet pussy!

28 Aug 2016

Shelly Lee in Rear Window

Newcomer Shelly Lee satisfies your inner voyeur in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Alone in her apartment, Shelly wears nothing but a red lace teddy, and she doesn’t care who can see through her window. Leaving the window open, she lets the curtains billow around her, enjoying every minute of her private show. “I want to be a Playboy model because it’s empowering,” says Shelly. “Honestly, I don’t know why people are so offended by nudity! As long as I’m having a good time, that’s all that matters.” All natural, Shelly has a figure any girl would love to have, hot tattoos and a seriously killer smile. She may look like a badass, but she assures us that she’s nice and soft on the inside. "I'm all about friends and family, and I'm a total animal lover" she says. "I'm a sweet small-town girl!"

27 Aug 2016

Krista Nicole in Stepping Out

Krista Nicole steps right up in this stunning set from photographer Michael Valentino. Coming to us from Massachusetts, Krista drove all the way to Montreal this summer to cast with Playboy Plus. “I’ve been modeling for about three years,” says Krista. “I love being in front of the camera, so I auditioned and now here I am, doing my first shoot!” On set with Valentino and crew, Krista was a little nervous, but once she got into the swing of things, she was posing like a champ. “I woke up way before my alarm,” she says with a laugh. “Mike’s team was so welcoming that it was all easy from there!” Obviously, Krista passes every test with flying colors—we can’t wait to see what this small-town babe does next.

26 Aug 2016

Ashleigh Rae in Camping Cutie

Cybergirl Ashleigh Rae camps out in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. In a skimpy outfit, Ashleigh bravely navigates the Canadian wilderness. A native of British Columbia, she’s been on her fair share of camping trips, and she definitely knows how to pitch a tent. “The main thing I look for in a guy is a sense of adventure,” shares Ashleigh. “For this shoot, I decided to go camping on a nude beach—you have to be able to keep up with me!” No stranger to getting naughty in interesting places, Ashleigh wouldn’t mind doing it in the great outdoors. “So far, the craziest place I’ve done it was a sauna,” she says mischievously. “Sorry, mom!”

Cheyenne Cummings in White Swan

Cheyenne Cummings comes into her own in this fun, flirty set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. All natural, with blonde hair and green eyes, Cheyenne comes to us from Houston, Texas, where she works as a cocktail waitress and model. Houston is also home to Jennifer Vaughn, and Cheyenne caught her eye—she advised Miss Cummings to cast with Playboy, and we’re pleased to report she took her advice. “I am beyond excited to pose,” says Cheyenne. “Just a few months ago I went to a casting, and now here I am! I’ve literally always wanted to be a Playboy model!” Though she looks great in a red bikini, we think we prefer Cheyenne in the nude—never has a skinny dip made such a strong and lasting impression. “I’d definitely do this again,” she says. “Like my photos, guys!”

25 Aug 2016

Linda in Soft and Sweet

International model Linda is so soft and feminine in this set from photographer David Merenyi. It’s early morning, and Linda’s hanging out on the couch in nothing but her robe. Letting it fall open, she reveals her small natural breasts and encourages us with a gorgeous smile. “I wear nothing to bed,” teases Linda. “I feel sexiest without clothes, and in the bedroom, I like being dominated.” When it comes to sex positions, Linda feels that a rear view is the most appealing. “I like doggy,” she admits with a giggle. “Although, the most sensitive part of my body is my neck.”

24 Aug 2016

Mashup Best of High Heels

Stilettos, sling-backs, platforms and pumps—here at Playboy Plus we love ‘em all, so this week we’re throwing it back with six of our sexiest high-heeled models. First up, busty natural Brittney Shumaker knocks us dead in a pair of black ankle-straps, and beautiful Iana Little strips down to nothing but her platform stilettos. Platinum blonde Alissa Arden wears the hell out of a pair of heels, and Australian babe Georgie Gee matches her teal-blue heels to her pretty eyes. Hot brunette Casey Connelly wears her heels right there on the couch, and last but not least, curvy Reby Sky shows off her legs in stockings and patent leather pumps. If you prefer your models in high heels, look no further than this amazing Mashup.

21 Aug 2016

Deanna Greene in Sultry Night

Deanna Greene is your Cybergirl of the Month for August 2016, and she’s sultry in this set from photographer Holly Randall. For her last look, Deanna decided to go for a Moroccan-inspired set, complete with beads and fringe. Not like she needs much adornment to look sexy—our Cybergirl of the Month has what you might call natural appeal. “In the bedroom, I love it when a guy puts in some effort,” says Deanna. “Scented candles and a massage always put me in the mood to try something new.” When it comes to sex, Miss Greene has only one golden rule—let your conscience be your guide. “Be honest about what you want,” she advises. “That goes a long, long way!”

19 Aug 2016

Amberleigh West in By the Firelight

Playmate Amberleigh West fans the flames with this romantic set from photographer Holly Randall. Home alone, Amberleigh’s up late—she’s got a queen-sized bed and a roaring fire, now all she needs is someone to come and keep her warm. “If I were an animal, I’d probably be something fierce,” says Amberleigh. “Like a wolf or a lion. I’m an independent person, and loyalty is one of my biggest turn-ons.” When it comes to her partners, Amberleigh never kisses and tells, but she does like to drop a little hint here and there. “I like men who are humble,” she says. “I always love a true gentleman!”

18 Aug 2016

Eden Arya in Hot Seat

Cybergirl Eden Arya serves it up hot and heavy in this set from photographer Michael Valentino. It’s dinnertime, and a lingerie-clad Eden is here to satisfy your appetite. “I’m introverted,” admits Eden. “I can be shy, but once you get to know me, I’m pretty much a badass.” An immediate hit on Playboy Plus, Eden can’t wait to shoot again and wants you to know she appreciates all the positive feedback. “I thought my casting went badly, but I guess not, because Playboy Plus called me back,” she says happily. “The location was really nice, and I was pretty excited to shoot!”

17 Aug 2016

Linda in Show Off

International model Linda is back, and she puts on an unforgettable show in this set from photographer David Merenyi. All done up in a set of lingerie, Linda was eager to step back into the spotlight. “I think both men and women are sexier without clothes,” she says with a wink. “I definitely feel sexy when I’m naked!” Without further ado, our starlet strips down to nothing but her stockings, garters and heels—all the better to stimulate your imagination, of course. 

16 Aug 2016

Ashleigh Rae in Natural Splendor

Cybergirl Ashleigh Rae is a natural wonder in this outdoor set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Hiking in the mountains of British Columbia, Ashleigh is overwhelmed by all the beauty that surrounds her—so much so that she decides to undress and let nature take its course. Hiking never looked as erotic as this. “I’m a down to earth kind of girl,” says Ashleigh. “In a guy, the main thing I look for is a sense of adventure—and definitely good humor.”

14 Aug 2016

Flirty Claudie

Claudie is a sexy young babe with a great pair of tits. She's so into herself and making her pussy feel good that as soon as she strips, her fingers begin wandering.

Sonia Red doing Pink

Sonia Red is on fire. She's got the look every man wants. A pretty face, nice tits and a nice round ass. When she's paired up with her little pink vibrator there's no telling what this firey brunette will do.

Mashup Black is Beautiful

Here at Playboy Plus, we love women in all their incredible forms. It’s no secret that black is beautiful, so today we’re throwing it back with three of our hottest black models. First up, February CGOM Noelle Monique looks cute in cutoff shorts and knee socks. “This outfit was super dope,” says Noelle. “I loved the bandana!” Next, our sexy Miss March 2013 Ashley Doris invites us to step into her office. “When it comes to my sexuality, I’m a lady in the streets,” she says with a wink. Last but not least, naturally busty Megan Elizabeth shows off her considerable assets. “I’m thin but very curvy,” says Megan. “I love my hips—they give me a really nice curve!”  

Deanna Greene in Red Hot Love

Deanna Greene is your Cybergirl of the Month for August 2016, and she’s burning with desire in this set from photographer Holly Randall. After last week, we thought Deanna couldn’t get any hotter—equipped with a set of red satin lingerie, she was ready to prove us wrong. And hey, if this is wrong, we really don’t want to be right. “I love it when a guy puts in the effort,” shares Deanna. “That extra mile gets me every time—scented candles and a back rub will put me in the mood to try something new!” Slipping out of her clothes and into the nude, Deanna’s not new to the game of seduction—she’s an experienced player, and eager to please her fans. “I hope y’all enjoy,” she says cheerily. “I’m still so excited to be Cybergirl of the Month!”

Sabrina Nichole & Brittney Shumaker in Buns in the Sun

Sabrina Nichole and Brittney Shumaker are back, and they’ll float your boat with this incredible set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. We’ve seen these beauties in the bedroom and the bathroom, so this time around, we decided to take it out back and shoot in the pool. “Shooting with Britt was so much fun,” says Sabrina. “On set, there were tons of emotions and it was really, really sexy!” Indeed, we can’t deny the chemistry between these two naturally busty babes—from long, lingering looks to twerking in tandem, these two are hot enough to set off a fire alarm.

8 Aug 2016

Flor in Pool Party

International model Flor stays cool in this set from photographer Mariano Rocca. Barely dressed in a top and a pair of panties, Flor is beating the heat with a night spent out by the pool. It may be hot in South America, but nothing’s hotter than this petite cutie. “I am currently single,” explains Flor. “I’m a lesbian, and I am looking for a girl who wants to join my life.” As to the right woman, Flor says she’ll know her when she sees her. “The first thing I notice is a woman’s smile,” says Flor. “I love people who smile!”

7 Aug 2016

Mashup Best of Butts Vol. 5

Here at , we see more of our fair share of great butts—but no buts about it, some booties stand out bigger and better than all the rest. First up, British babe Kara shows off her hot hindquarters in some rather revealing underwear, and Mandy Kay shows off her generous ass from every imaginable angle. Sweet brunette Samy Jordan is blessed with more than her fair share of curves, and voluptuous Kaycee Ryan has one of the nicest, roundest butts we’ve ever seen. Last but certainly not least, Australian model Lily Rae proves that she’s blessed ‘down under’. If you’re hungry for some gorgeous glutes, look no further than this beautifully bottom-heavy Mashup.

Deanna Greene in Star Quality

Deanna Greene is your Cybergirl of the Month for August 2016, and her star’s on the rise with this amazing set from photographer Holly Randall. This pictorial sees Deanna as you’ve never seen her before—our minds are blown by this sexy and glamorous look, and we think yours will be, too. Talk about a girl who can do both. “I am so, so excited,” gushes Deanna. “I had so much fun doing this shoot for you guys, and I can’t wait to see what y’all think about it!” Slipping out of her lingerie and into the nude, Deanna puts on a show that you won’t forget anytime soon. “I hope you have as much fun as I did,” she says with a wink. “I’m embracing my sexuality and it’s a really positive thing!”  

5 Aug 2016

Ashleigh Rae in Beach Bum

Cybergirl Ashleigh Rae is back, and she’s a total beach bum in this cute set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Very excited to pose again, Ashleigh took all your comments very seriously, and with this new shoot she was eager to ramp up the sexy. On location in her native British Columbia, this pictorial sees Ashleigh in her element. “I love my fans, and I think I definitely delivered with this shoot,” she says. “I took things up a notch—I hope you guys enjoy!” There’s a lot we could say about Ashleigh, but we’ll let her gorgeous pictures do all the talking. Hit the beach with the beautiful Ashleigh Rae, right here on .

Eden Arya in Love at First Sight

Eden Arya makes quite the first impression in this bedroom set from photographer Michael Valentino. Petite and all natural, with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a narrow waist, Eden comes to us from Los Angeles. She’s just getting started in the modeling industry, and we think her future is looking very bright indeed. “In high school, I was an artsy type,” explains Eden. “I got in trouble a lot, and I was kind of a loner. I’m still like that today, to be honest—not everybody gets me, but I like those who do.” There’s plenty to love about Eden—even at first sight, we know you guys are gonna like her, too.

Flor in Coming Up

Argentinean babe Flor is back, and she’s taking things one step at a time in this hot set from photographer Mariano Rocca. Excited to be here on Playboy Plus, up-and-coming star Flor could barely wait to take off her clothes on set. Tugging impatiently at her jeans, Flor shows us her bra and panties—before you know it, she’s got nothing on but her tattoo, and that doesn’t exactly leave much to the imagination.

1 Aug 2016

Gia Ramey-Gay in Getaway Lover

Cybergirl of the Year Gia Ramey-Gay takes us on a romantic getaway in this set from photographer Holly Randall. On location in Mexico, Gia was feeling nostalgic for her years as a Latin dancer—and, to be honest, pretty sexy. “I think I was a Latina in a previous life,” says Gia. “Really, I still am at heart. I love Mexico, and shooting there was a dream come true. This set reminds me of everything I love about the culture—I felt so passionate and full of life!” Gia’s assessment is dead-on, and her lively performance is nothing short of stunning.
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