29 Jul 2016

Girls undress. Bustier and thong set white

Amberleigh West in Sultry Siren

Playmate Amberleigh West has us all revved up with this amazing set from photographer Holly Randall. In a set of strappy black lingerie, Amberleigh straddles a motorcycle, basically supplying us with daydream material for the rest of our lives. “I’ve wanted to act since I was little,” reflects Amberleigh. “That being said, for a long time I didn’t think I could model, let alone be a Playmate, because I was never the pretty, popular girl guys asked to the dance.” The tables have obviously turned—these days, men are tripping over themselves in all directions for a look at Miss West.

28 Jul 2016

Serena Wood in Pink Serenity

Ukrainian International model Serena Wood is so soft and feminine in this set from photographer Stanislav Vorobyev. In a set of lacy lingerie, Serena is looking as lovely as ever—and if you think she looks good in a bra and panties, just wait until you see her in the nude. Stripping down slowly, Serena lingers on some of the finer details, like her filmy black thong, building on your desire until it’s practically overflowing. Before you know it, she’s got nothing on but a pair of heels, and those leave little to the imagination. 

Kelsi Shay in Late Night Treat

Cybergirl Kelsi Shay is such a treat in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Up way past her bedtime, Kelsi’s indulging in a little late-night snack. Let’s just say that you’ll never look at a banana the same way again. “In the bedroom, size isn’t necessarily the most important thing,” she muses. “I will say that you need to be able to swim to cause some motion in the ocean!” Speaking of sex, Kelsi’s most memorable experience was in a location that might surprise you. “The craziest place I ever had sex was on a trampoline,” she says, laughing. “If I won the lottery, though, I’d go for a private jet!”

Skylar Leigh in Water Babe

Cybergirl Skylar Leigh makes one hell of a splash in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. To cap off a fabulous weekend in Bali, Skylar decided she wanted to go for a swim. Throw in a pink float and a waterfall, and you’ve got one seriously good time. “I love a guy—or a girl, for that matter—who knows what they want in the bedroom,” says Skylar. “If you can take charge, that’s sexy. I’m open to trying new things and experimenting!” When it comes to sex, Skylar sometimes prefers the great outdoors to behind closed doors. “Once I was driving through the desert at night, and I got all hot and bothered,” she remembers. “My boyfriend and I pulled over for a quickie on the side of the road. I love sex under the stars!” You’ll be seeing stars with the stunning Skylar Leigh, right here on .

25 Jul 2016

Girl undress. The black and blue negligee

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Florencia Atencio in Purple Pamper

Newcomer Florencia Atencio has us right where she wants us with this set from photographer Mariano Rocca. Petite and all natural, Florencia comes to us from Buenos Aires, where she’s a model and aspiring fitness instructor. She’s always wanted to pose for Playboy, and we’re pleased to have been able to make that dream come true. “I am friends with Mariano, my photographer,” explains Flor. “He invited me to pose with . It was a very fun experience—I was comfortable and enjoyed it a lot.” We think you’ll feel pretty much the same—with her cute looks and petite figure, Flor could make any guy go weak in the knees 

24 Jul 2016

Mashup Asian Sensation: Cindie Louu

Happy Sunday, everybody! For this week’s Mashup, we’re paying tribute to one of the hottest Asian women on Playboy Plus, Cindie Louu. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Cindie is a model and makeup artist well on her way to becoming a widely-known sex symbol. Petite and all natural, she’s the girl next door and an exotic beauty rolled into one tight little package. “I have a truly wild imagination, and I keep my mind wide open,” teases Cindie. “Playboy celebrates a woman’s body and I love that. I feel totally comfortable posing nude!” 

22 Jul 2016

Brittany Kelly in Poolside Pleasure

Brittany Kelly is your Cybergirl of the Month for July 2016, and she’s a total bikini babe in this set from photographer Holly Randall. As it turned out, July was the perfect month for this babe to become CGOM—after all, wouldn’t you rather see Brittany in a bikini than all bundled up? “I had so much fun playing in the water and enjoying the beautiful summer weather,” says Brittany happily. “It feels so good for me to have fans. I work hard to maintain my figure, and I love that you guys take notice!” Among her many good physical qualities, Brittany prioritizes one part above all others. “My favorite body part would have to be my ass,” she says proudly. “Being bootylicious is never a bad thing! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!”

21 Jul 2016

Serena Wood in Summer Love

International model Serena Wood is looking sweet as ever in this fun set from photographer Stanislav Vorobyev. In a cute top and a pair of Daisy Dukes, Serena is looking every bit the girl of summer. Now all she needs is a guy to be her summer fling. “My sexual fantasy is the prince on the white horse,” admits Serena. “I prefer to be in relationships because I don’t like being alone, but I like when the man has his own goals in life.” In terms of the immediate future, our goal is to see more Serena, and we don’t think we’re alone in wanting that at all.

20 Jul 2016

Kelsi Shay in Tight & Toned

Kelsi Shay graduates to Cybergirl with this pulse-quickening set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Though Kelsi’s curves are generous, she’s tight and toned, too—spending hours in the gym will do that to a girl, and lucky for us, we get to feast our eyes on the results. “In a guy, I look for confidence, not cockiness,” says Kelsi. “Bonus points if you’re taller than me—after all, I have to be able to wear heels. I’m 5’8”, so you’ve gotta be tall!” Slipping out of her outfit and into the nude, Kelsi takes us to new and dizzying heights of sensuality. As far as hot pictorials go, this one’s pushing the mercury, and we’re pretty sure it counts as sizzling. 

19 Jul 2016

Skylar Leigh in Namaste

Cybergirl Skylar Leigh is very, very flexible in this sexy set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. On location in Bali, Skylar was game to do a little outdoor yoga. It was so hot that she started sweating, and then her clothes came off and—well, we’ll let you see the photos for yourself. “I always try to see things from other perspectives,” says Skylar dreamily. “I can be shy, and some people think I’m not interested, but really, I am! I love traveling and seeing everything the world has to offer.” As for her own generous offerings, If you’ve ever wondered what a wide-legged forward bend looks like in the nude, Skylar gives us all a view to remember. Be namaste as you wanna be with the amazing Skylar Leigh, right here on

18 Jul 2016

Angel B & Pamela in Girls Night

In this naughty pictorial from photographers Fredrik Andersson and Stanislav Vorobyev, European babes Angel B and Pamela enjoy a girl’s night in. The yin to each other’s yang, these ladies love to have sleepovers in nothing but their lingerie—both of them are single and more than willing to experiment with each other. “The most important thing in the bedroom is to relax and enjoy,” says Pamela, and Angel couldn’t agree with her more. “I like the things that come before sex, like massage, kissing and touching,” she says with a smile. “I also like to be the boss!” We don’t know about you, but we’d do anything these two wanted us to do. 

17 Jul 2016

Brandi Kelly in Simple Pleasure

Brandi Kelly is your Cybergirl of the Month for July 2016, and sheТs simply a pleasure to look at in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Though thereТs nothing like Brandi and Brittany together, we decided to give each girl her moment in the sun. УBrittany went first last time, so now itТs my turn,Ф quips Brandi. УI want to go as far as I can with Playboy! I want to go to the Mansion and meet Hugh Hefner. My ultimate goal is to become twin Playmates with Brittany!Ф Slipping out of her sundress and into the nude, Brandi doesnТt hesitate to show us what sheТs gotЧfrom head to toe, sheТs five feet, nine inches of incredible African-American beauty.
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