28 May 2016

Brandi Kelly in Student Body

Class is in session with Cybergirl Brandi Kelly and photographer Holly Randall. The voluptuous student from the University of Louisville has only one item on the day’s Playboy lesson plan—how to please a tall, busty woman who loves to be in control. “I have my own rules. I do what I want and I can sometimes be too in control, but I’m really a softy,” says Brandi dressed in her quite revealing school uniform complete with black pumps. “My best qualities are I’m sweet, always look for the good in everyone and every situation. My worst would be that I’m brutally honest and straightforward.”

27 May 2016

Clara in Natural Glow

Coming to Playboy Plus from Prague, Czech Republic is a petite model named Clara. New to Playboy, all-natural Clara was a little shy at first about posing nude, but all of that quickly changed thanks to her photoshoot with photographer Robert Hass. “Posing naked makes me feel so sexy,” says the busty model in her sexy accent. “I got into Playboy because Robert Hass’s assistant wrote me on Facebook and the rest is history.” Sounds like Robert’s assistant has earned themselves a hefty bonus

12 May 2016

Girl undress. Round buttocks in a dress

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11 May 2016

Sabrina Nichole in Eye Candy

Cybergirl Sabrina Nichole is one sweet piece of eye candy in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Sabrina’s return to Playboy Plus has been nothing short of heralded—you guys wanted more, and as always, we were only too happy to oblige. Of course, it helps when you have a model as ready and willing as Sabrina. “Honestly, the first time I posed nude was a little terrifying,” she admits. “My first time was with Playboy Plus, so it’s not like I was working with an amateur photographer…it’s the biggest glamour brand ever! I was like, ‘Um, okay! I’ll try!’” Obviously, Sabrina is a natural and she’s overcome her nervousness to become one of the boldest models around. “I guess Playboy Plus likes me so much that I had to come back,” she says with a smile. “Next I’m shooting with Brittney Shumaker. We have really good chemistry, I think you guys are gonna love the heck out of this shoot!”

10 May 2016

Hope Alina in Satin Sheets

Newcomer Hope Alina is an immediate hit in this set from producer Holly Randall. All natural, with wonderful curves and warm brown eyes, there’s nothing not to like about Hope—and hopefully, you guys find her just as habit-forming as we do. “I’m an easygoing, adventurous kind of girl,” says Hope. “I’m always up for a night out with the girls, but I love staying in with a movie, too. I can always go with the flow.” Fate brought Hope to Playboy Plus, and she couldn’t be happier about that—after a spread in Playboy Slovakia, she was ready for her close-up on Plus. “I know I’m wearing lingerie in this pictorial, but in real life, I like to sleep naked,” she says. “I don’t like wearing clothes to bed—it’s too much!”

Brittany Kelly in Delicious

Cybergirl Brittany Kelly takes things up a notch with this hot, hot set from photographer Holly Randall. Though she had fun shooting with her sister Brandi, Brittany was more than ready for her close-up—all done up in hot pink lingerie and heels, she didn’t hesitate to get right down to business. “I prefer to be single, because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want,” explains Brittany. “That said, I’m very loyal and passionate. In a guy, I look for someone tall and rugged, someone who’s funny and understanding…and a monster in the bedroom!” When it comes to sex, Brittany’s tastes are varied, but as to the most important points, she’s got two words for you. “Creativity and stamina,” she says, breaking into a grin.

8 May 2016

Kristie Taylor in Satin Smooth

Kristie Taylor is your Cybergirl of the Month for May 2016, and she’s smooth as satin in this set from photographer Michael Valentino. Back in 2012, Kristie posed for the final cover of Playboy’s Special Editions—little did she know that a few short years later, she’d be named CGOM on Playboy Plus. “I never expected it to happen,” she says, tucking a strand of black hair behind her ear. “First off, thanks to all my fans! It takes a lot of courage to strip down and flaunt what you’ve got, so knowing you guys like me makes me feel so confident. Thanks for all the love and support.” Not that Kristie needs it, not one bit—totally comfortable with herself and her vision, Miss Taylor manifested what she wanted, and now she’s got it. Talk about the magic touch. “I’ve always had amazing, positive experiences with Playboy,” she says happily. “Being CGOM will bring me lots of new memories, and amazing images I get to look back on forever!”

1 May 2016

Hanna Rai in Hot Summer Night

Cybergirl Hanna Rai brings the heat in this set from photographer Joel London. Clad in nothing but a skimpy gold bikini, Hanna doesn’t need sun to feel the heat—she knows exactly what you want, and she can’t wait to take it all off. “I didn’t pose nude just for the sake of posing nude,” explains Hanna. “I posed nude for Playboy Plus—a classic, timeless brand that gives empowerment to women.” A strong believer in the artistic value of the nude, Hanna ranks with the most beautiful women of all time—dark-haired, blue-eyed and totally natural, she’s got a look that’s all her own. “My eyes always have been an attention-grabber,” she laughs. “Physically, I love the dark-haired, light-eyed mixture in men, too.” 
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