11 Apr 2016

Elyse Jean in Between the Sheets

Elyse Jean is your Cybergirl of the Month for April 2016, and she’s ecstatic in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. The total embodiment of the girl next door, Elyse is cute, confident and has sex appeal to spare. When we told her she was Cybergirl of the Month, she could barely contain her excitement. “When I read the email telling me I won, I was overwhelmed,” she admits. “I was so proud—I felt like I was really on the right path. I’ve always believed I would be a Playboy model, and I let nothing slow me down! My dreams have come true and I will be forever grateful.” For her CGOM shoot, we wanted to put Elyse front and center, so we gave her a nice, big bed with clean white sheets to play on. “I woke up like this,” teases Elyse. “Light makeup, cute but messy hair—this is the kind of thing a man wants to turn over and see when he wakes up. The subtext is that I want to be played with.”

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