12 Jan 2016

Playboy Plus. Lauren O'Conner in Welcome Home

Newcomer Lauren O’Conner deserves a warm welcome for this hot, hot set from photographer Damir K. A student and insurance agent from San Diego, California, Lauren is a self-described nerd who wanted to get into modeling. We took one look at her photos and booked her on the spot. “I sent in my cosplay photos,” says Lauren. “I think I look pretty sexy in them, and I guess Playboy Plus thinks so, too.” On set, Lauren was a little bit nervous, though once the cameras were rolling, she warmed right up and put on an incredibly sexy show. Amateurs, take note while Lauren shows us how it’s done. “No matter what you have or don’t have, if you’re passionate, I say go for it,” says Lauren. “Even if you think the odds are stacked against you, Playboy Plus makes it work!”

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