22 Jan 2016

Playboy Plus. Kalyn DeClue in Come to Bed

Cybergirl Kalyn DeClue invites us to bed in this seductive set from photographer Holly Randall. Brown-haired, blue-eyed Kalyn is stunning in royal-blue lingerie—and if you think she looks good in a bra and panties, just wait until you see her in the nude. “In the bedroom, the most important thing for me is to feel comfortable,” explains Kalyn. “I need to love the person I’m with, or at least have feelings for him. And my best piece of sex advice is to pay attention to your partner—see what they like or don’t like! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.” Stripping down for the camera, Kalyn is delightfully uninhibited, unafraid to show off her beautiful, natural body.

1 comment:

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