19 Jan 2016

Playboy Plus. Amberleigh West in Sweet Sunbath

Playmate Amberleigh West brings us to a thrilling conclusion in this set from photographer Sasha Eisenman. With an unadulterated beauty like Amberleigh, it’s best to go all natural—a sunny day is all she needs to look perfect, not like she doesn’t already. “Growing up in Washington, the summer months were my favorite,” says Amberleigh. ‘When it’s not raining, I think it’s really beautiful. I spent a lot of time at the lake, or anywhere outdoors, really, having a good time with my friends.” Now that she’s a Playmate, Amberleigh finds herself spending more time than ever traveling, relying on her strong senses of adventure and independence. “Right now, I’m single and focusing on myself,” she says. “When it comes to guys, I’m attracted to strong, athletic types, but he absolutely cannot be clingy. That’ll have me running the other way.”

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