28 Nov 2015

Eugena Washington in All That Glitters

Playmate Eugena Washington is all that glitters in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. It’s basically impossible not to notice Eugena—at five feet, nine and a half inches, she’s a statuesque beauty whose charm and infectious sense of humor wins over whole rooms of people at a time. “I’d say my whole being is my best asset,” she says, without a trace of sarcasm. “If I really had to narrow it down—say, to my eyes or my boobs—I’d be undercutting myself. Why would I want to do that? So, yeah—my entire self is awesome.” Eugena’s self-confidence is certainly very attractive. On set with Ryan and his team, she went into the experience with eyes wide open, more than ready to have a good time. “I’m really lucky to have been chosen for Playmate,” says Eugena in earnest. “To me, posing nude is a beautiful thing!”

26 Nov 2015

Anna Mari in Desire at Dusk

Ukrainian babe Anna Mari bursts onto the scene with this hot set from photographers Fredrik Andersson and Stanislav Vorobyev. Hailing from Kiev, this petite blonde is an Amateur in the truest sense of the term—she’s never, ever modeled before, and she’s making her debut here on Playboy Plus. “I like this type of beautiful picture,” says Anna in a charming Ukrainian accent. “I am happy with my body. This is my first time modeling, and I hope you will like me!” Slipping out of a coral-colored bra and panties, Anna gets right down to business—she’s a natural and definitely knows how to work it in front of the camera.

25 Nov 2015

Jenna Sativa in Make a Wish

In this set from photographer Holly Randall, your wish is Jenna Sativa’s command. All done up in a silk top and panties, sexy Jenna is ready and willing to please. She knows exactly what she wants, and she’s not afraid to ask for it, either. “My biggest turn-on is someone’s natural smell,” says Jenna. “When you’re dancing and sweating, and you like the way a girl’s body smells—you don’t need perfume or anything. I think that’s so sexy.” On just such a night out, Jenna’s not opposed to going home if the right candidate presents herself. “Sex on the first date is totally great with the right person,” she says. “If you’re not too serious, you can be friends with benefits and still have fun!”

23 Nov 2015

Martina in Delicate Daisy

In this set from photographers Fredrik Andersson and Stanislav Vorobyev, International model Martina is in full bloom. Though she’s gorgeous in a red dress, Martina’s nude body is sublime—if she could avoid it, she would never, ever wear clothes. A little exhibitionism never hurt anybody, especially not Playboy Plus members. “I have been modeling for six years,” she says. “I have loved Playboy from the time that I was a girl, so posing nude feels good. I like it!” Lifting the hem of her dress, Martina gives us all something to talk about—if a picture’s worth a thousand words, then this pictorial is near enough priceless.

22 Nov 2015

Desiree in Good Afternoon

All-natural babe Desiree bids you a very good afternoon in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Petite and all natural, with long, ink-black hair and green eyes, Desiree’s striking good looks have served her well as a model. “Even though I don’t have the biggest boobs, they’re great,” she says, by way of introduction. “For my petite frame, I think they’re perfect. I’ve also been told that I have a great butt—lucky me!” On set with Jennifer Vaughn, Desiree was eager to prove herself to Playboy Plus members—following Jen’s direction, she didn’t hold anything back. “My friends often laugh at me, because I’m so comfortable being nude,” she says, giggling. “They’re like, ‘Jeez, Desiree, put some clothes on!’ I’m always walking around naked!”

21 Nov 2015

Eugena Washington in Girl's Night Out

Eugena Washington is our Playmate of the Month for December 2015, and she’s in high spirits in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. Born in South Carolina and raised in Los Angeles, Eugena is one of the boldest, most beautiful girls around. “I’m very adventurous, and I’ll try anything once,” she says. “I fly by the seat of my pants and figure the rest out later. As long as I don’t die, I’m good!” Far from a near-death experience, becoming a Playmate was a life-affirming event for Eugena—though she hadn’t exactly planned on it, her motto when faced with any proposition is ‘Why the hell not?’ “I mean, really,” she says. “Who doesn’t want to be a Playmate? I shot my pictorial with Josh Ryan at the Culver Hotel, where thousands of Hollywood stars have stayed. So cool.” Later this year, Eugena will be releasing her own line of hair-care products, but for now, she’s happy to be your Miss December. “Life’s a series of adventures,” she says. “Being a Playmate is just that—an adventure!”

20 Nov 2015

Nessa Devil looking sexy in pink

Nessa Devil was relaxing on her bed and started to think of naughty things to pass the time...

Gia Ramey-Gay in Late Night Love

Gia Ramey-Gay is your Cybergirl of the Month for November 2015, and she’s your late-night love in this set from photographer Holly Randall. A singer and salsa dancer, Gia is no stranger to late nights and smoky lounges, and she turns heads wherever she goes. All she needs here is someone to make beautiful music with. “In the bedroom, I think it’s important to have a lot of fun,” she says. “I love being in a relationship and having someone to do things with. In a partner, I look for someone with an open mind, who’s creative and loves to have passionate…conversations.” Slipping out of her bra and G-string, Gia puts on a very provocative performance—if you’ve enjoyed her reign as Cybergirl of the Month, leave her some love in the comments section.

19 Nov 2015

Michaela Isizzu in Daydream Babe

Cybergirl Michaela Isizzu gives us all something to dream about in this set from photographers David Merenyi and Gabor Klinzsky. Brown-haired, brown-eyed Michaela is sexy in a striped top and panties, and if you think this little minx looks good in clothes, just wait until you see her in the nude. “I love shooting for Playboy,” says Michaela. “The first time I posed nude was for a German magazine. I was really nervous, but surprised, because it was so nice. Shooting for Playboy is relaxed, I am always feeling really good.” Michaela’s love of the camera is evident in her every move—she hits every single revealing pose, and invents some new ones, too.

18 Nov 2015

Noelle Monique in Attitude

Cybergirl Noelle Monique has some serious attitude in this set from photographer Holly Randall. With hundreds of likes on her first pictorial, we think it’s safe to say that you liked Noelle. Now that she’s a Cybergirl, she’s not holding anything back, especially not her opinions. “I’m really blunt,” admits Noelle. “I used to be shy, but now I’m more open. I have a lot of attitude—when I’m upset, all hell breaks loose—but I’m also really caring.” Slipping out of her jeans and T-shirt, Noelle gives us all something to think about. With a beautiful, all-natural body like hers, she’s got a powerful effect on men. “My advice in the bedroom is this: Don’t try too hard,” says Noelle. “I don’t have sexual fantasies—I just go with the flow. I like to do my own thing and not worry about what someone else is doing.”

16 Nov 2015

Jenna Sativa in Lover's Lane

Cybergirl Jenna Sativa will drive you wild in this extra-sexy pinup set from photographer Holly Randall. Brown-haired, brown-eyed Jenna is irresistible in a polka-dot top and hot pants, and if you think she looks good in clothes, just wait until you see her in the nude. “I prefer women to men,” divulges Jenna, “and what I look for in a girl is a nice smile, eye contact and the ability to communicate. I tend to go for petite girls with bubbly personalities, like me.” A successful erotic model, Jenna travels all over the world, and obviously meets lots of women. No matter where she is, Miss Sativa is fluent in the language of love. “I like girls from all over the world,” says Jenna with a smile. “Trust me, my tastes are very broad.”

15 Nov 2015

Blanca Brooke in All Worked Up

Cybergirl Blanca Brooke is all worked up in this hot, sweaty set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. On set with Cassandra in Moab, Utah, Blanca hiked three miles to this location. That’s right—for all you guys who thought we Photoshopped the last set, rest assured that Miss Brooke is a total badass. “Words can’t describe how I felt shooting for Playboy Plus,” she says. “When I first started modeling, my goal was to be unique—I didn’t want to be like every other girl. That’s why I wanted to pose for Playboy, it’s something really special.” When it comes to men, Blanca doesn’t like to date around—she’s looking for a regular hiking partner. We’re talking about a girl who’ll walk three miles in the desert heat in order to get the perfect shot—she definitely deserves someone devoted. “I’m the kind of person who always needs somebody by her side,” explains Blanca. “I’m not eighteen anymore, so I’m looking for a good guy who I can laugh with.”

13 Nov 2015

Gia Ramey-Gay in Nightcap

Gia Ramey-Gay is your Cybergirl of the Month for November 2015, and she’s having a little nightcap in this set from photographer Holly Randall. If you ask Gia, a little cocktail never hurt anybody, and neither did serving it in lingerie. And if you’re of a like mind, Miss Ramey-Gay has a few ideas. “My idea of a romantic evening is breaking into an abandoned building and having a candlelit picnic there,” she says. “My best piece of relationship advice is to be a ‘yes’ person. I have fun because I’m always down to try new things.” For Gia, being a model is a new thing, but she’s a natural—from Amateur to Cybergirl of the Month in about a few weeks flat, she’s turned a lot of heads on Playboy Plus.

12 Nov 2015

Martina in Coral Crush

International model Martina rocks a bikini in this revealing set from photographers Fredrik Andersson and Stanislav Vorobyev. Brown-haired, brown-eyed Martina wears nothing but a skimpy two-piece suit, all the better for you to see her tight, toned figure. Though she lives in Kiev, she loves to travel, especially to hot, sunny places where she gets to wear as little clothing as possible. (For those checking Martina out at home, consider this trip all expenses paid.) “I love sexual energy,” she says. “I am attracted to a man if we have the same vibration.” If you want to get on Martina’s wavelength, you’ve got to be ready to show her a good time. “My biggest turn-on is fun,” she says. “In the bedroom, it’s energy that matters most!”

Adrienn Levai in Sandy Booty

In this hot beachside set from photographer Joel London, Hungarian babe Adrienn Levai gets sand in some very interesting places. All month long, Adrienn’s been hitting the beach—the nude beach, that is—and the resulting galleries and videos have been nothing short of outstanding. Brown hair and eyes? Check. A generous pair of DDs? Double check. You couldn’t ask for a more willing participant on set than the beautiful Miss Levai. “I’ve always loved to be naked,” she reflects. “I’ve been modeling for eight years and I’m published in many magazines. I am already a Playmate in Venezuela, and I am always traveling and DJing.” With her star on the rise, we were glad to snag Adrienn for another three galleries and videos. She’s one hot Hungarian, we couldn’t her let slip away that easily. “Playmates are the queens of all nude models,” says Adrienn. “I’m an exhibitionist, and I love posing with Playboy Plus!”

Anna on all fours

Anna just loves to tease us and strip for our cameras; and we love it when she does! There's no mistake, this sexy brunette knows how to work her shit!

Viki Teases on Tabletop

Viki will pull you in with her sultry bedroom eyes. She caresses herself in all the right places making you want to be right here inside her.

11 Nov 2015

Blue sensation

Angel Kiss wanted to shoot her scene in our indoor pool. As soon as she removed her towel to reveal that smokin body of her's, we couldn't say no. Enjoy watching her natural breasts bounce to the motion of her masturbating with her blue toy.

9 Nov 2015

Khloë Terae in Freshly Picked

Cybergirl of the Year Khloë Terae is freshly picked in this colorful pictorial from photographer Holly Randall. Online, Khloë is a powerhouse model with millions of followers, but to her friends, she’s known as good-hearted, and maybe slightly goofy. “That’s why I love working with Holly,” she says, giggling. “At the end of every pictorial, her line is ‘Okay, it’s time to open those legs!’ We have such a great time working together. She reads all the fan comments, and she tries to satisfy both fans and make the models comfortable. I’m definitely not afraid to pose nude!” Totally uninhibited in front of the camera, Khloë’s the ideal model—your Cybergirl of the Year isn’t afraid to give you exactly what you want, and then some. “As a model, it’s important to be a chameleon,” she says. “You have to be able to do more than one look. I bring the iconic Playboy look into the digital age—with my own spin on it, of course!”

6 Nov 2015

Gia Ramey-Gay in Summer Splash

Gia Ramey-Gay is your Cybergirl of the Month for November 2015, and she makes a splash in this hot, wet set from photographer Holly Randall. All natural, with brown hair, green eyes and a bright smile, Gia’s been stealing hearts since her first appearance on Playboy Plus. Doing a little backyard skinny-dipping, our newest CGOM is on top of the world. “I feel so lucky,” says Gia, beaming. “On set, likes and views weren’t even on my mind—I was in the moment, and I didn’t think about what would happen afterwards! I’m super thrilled with the response, and I truly appreciate all the love.” There’s a lot more Gia where this comes from, guys—she’ll be here all month long, and she’s eager to treat you to more pictorials and videos. “It’s because of you that I’m CGOM, and I’m so grateful for the support,” she says. “I’m flattered that you guys wanted more!”

5 Nov 2015

Alana Wolfe in Invitation Only

Cybergirl Alana Wolfe takes a nice, hot bath in this steamy set from photographer Joel London. Wearing a figure-flattering set of lingerie, Alana’s running herself a relaxing bath. We think teal is definitely her color—this is Miss Wolfe’s sexiest, most come-hither look yet. “You know, I like the idea of an open relationship, but I’m not sure how it would work in practice,” muses Alana. “For me, a good connection is everything. You’d have all the stability of a relationship, and the freedom of being single. What do you guys think, can you have your cake and eat it, too?” In the bedroom, Alana’s philosophy is to be yourself—and to be selfless. “My best sex advice is to focus your energy on your partner,” she says cheerfully. “I think both people get a lot more this way!”

1 Nov 2015

Rachel Harris in Fine Art

Playmate Rachel Harris is a work of art in this knockout set from photographer Josh Ryan. Decked out in black leather, blonde-haired Rachel takes us on a tour of her studio. In between paintings, she likes to kick back and relax, but that doesn’t mean she’s afraid to step out of her comfort zone. “I’m turned on by someone who is passionate in their work, and equally excited about mine,” she explains. Her number-one turnoff? “A guy unwilling to step outside his comfort zones. Why not try something new? Every experience is worth having, if for nothing else but to learn a lesson.”
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