15 Oct 2015

Cierra Avalon in Tonight's the Night

Cybergirl Cierra Avalon gets serious in this set from photographer Holly Randall. All natural, with long, caramel-colored hair, Cierra’s the sexy girl next door. For this set, she decided she wanted to be even sexier. Knee-high boots and some lingerie definitely do the trick. “In the bedroom, the most important thing is honesty,” says Cierra. “Be communicative with your partner. I mean, how can you get what you want if you’ don’t ask for it?” This may seem like obvious advice, but as The Playboy Advisor can attest, common sense isn’t too common at all. We’d be inclined to take Cierra’s word for it. “The other most important thing is to be generous,” she says with a smile. “After all, no one likes a selfish lover!” Have the lovely Cierra Avalon all to yourself, right here on Playboy Plus.

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