25 Oct 2015

Rachel Harris in A Creative Force

Rachel Harris is our Miss November 2015, and she’s a creative force in this seductive set from photographer Josh Ryan. At first glance, Rachel can seem a little fragile—she’s petite, with pale blonde hair and doe’s eyes—but make no mistake, our November Playmate is a force to be reckoned with. “My ambition is to be recognized as an artist and a personality, challenging the face behind the work,” says Rachel, tucking a wisp of blonde hair behind her ear. “Art has always been a way for me to be in my element and to challenge myself emotionally and physically.” Posing nude for Playboy could be interpreted as such a challenge, but Miss Harris wasn’t afraid to go for it. Looking at these sensual photos, you’ll be very, very glad she did. “I’ve been told selling yourself with your art degrades it, but I strongly disagree,” says Rachel. “The art world is constantly inspired by the female form.”

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