13 Oct 2015

Kylie Cupcake Morgan in Lingerie Lust

Cybergirl Kylie Cupcake Morgan gets a little lusty in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Brown-haired Kylie wears a pair of sheer lace panties, all the better to turn you on with, of course. Slipping out of her clothes and into the nude, Cupcake concludes a month-long campaign of totally uninhibited, no-holds-barred sensuality. “You might not know this, but I work in the healthcare field,” says Kylie. “I spent four years working in a hospital, and I love being there and helping other people. I think that’s what’s molded me into the loving, giving person I am today!” Generous to a fault, Kylie doesn’t hold back from her fans, and there’s not an inch of her that isn’t nice to look at. Sit back, relax and get pampered by the perfect Kylie Morgan, right here on Playboy Plus.

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