1 Oct 2015

Khloë Terae in English Style

Khloë Terae is your Cybergirl of the Year 2015, and she takes us on a wild ride in this set from photographer Holly Randall. All done up in tight white pants and leather boots, Khloë’s an equestrienne for the day. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, our CGOY made the very best of this awesome sunset stable. “I love horses,” says Khloë. “I used to ride a little bit, but I’ve never competed, so it was really cool to suit up and get to play with all this gear. It’s the most clothing I’ve ever worn on a Playboy shoot, but don’t worry—it all came off.” Draped in whips and leather bridles, Khloë has us right where she wants us—eyes trained on her, ready to jump if she says jump. Make tracks with Cybergirl of the Year Khloë Terae, only on Playboy Plus.

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