25 Oct 2015

Elizabeth Marxs in Evening Lover

Cybergirl Elizabeth Marxs is your ideal lover in this seductive set from photographer Holly Randall. In a filmy shawl, bra and panties, sizzling hot Elizabeth recalls a Flamenco dancer…after hours, of course. “I think the contrast of colors between my dark lingerie and my pale skin is very striking,” says Elizabeth. “I’m definitely not a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl—I love getting dressed up, and I want the guy I’m with to think I’m sexy!” Miss Marxs could make a paper bag look sexy, and she knows it—there’s not a guy on earth who wouldn’t jump at the chance to cozy up to our 2013 CGOY. “I’m not afraid to make the first move,” she says with a wink. “Some guys are shy, some aren’t—but I’m definitely not shy!”

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