7 Oct 2015

Cierra Avalon in Juicy Ripe

Cierra Avalon is juicy ripe in this set from photographer Holly Randall. A young model and personal trainer from San Diego, California, Cierra is in enviable physical shape. As such, it was only natural that she’d want to share her body with the world—what better place to do so than Playboy Plus? “I actually have very little modeling experience,” admits Cierra. “I’ve done a few bikini shoots, so I thought I’d give Playboy a shot.” Boy, are we ever glad she did—there’s no question that Miss Avalon is a formidable new talent, more than ready for her close-up. “I’d say my best asset is my hourglass figure,” she says. “I have genetics to thank for that, and I’m so grateful for my curves. I’ve also been told I have a pretty nice booty, but I did that myself with squats!” Play favorites with newcomer Cierra Avalon, only on Playboy Plus.


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