1 Oct 2015

Camila Ostende in Chef D'Oeuvre

Argentinean model Camila Ostende is a true work of art in this knockout set from photographer Mariano Rocca. When Camila first appeared on Playboy Plus, you guys waxed poetic about Camila’s long, curly blonde hair and gorgeous natural body. We’re only too happy to bring this sexy babe on for an encore. “My favorite parts of my body are my eyes, waist and legs,” says Camila in an intoxicating accent. “When it comes to turn-ons, I like kisses on my neck.” Miss Ostende undresses as slowly and sensually as possible—first her bra and panties, then taking off her high heels—and revels in her beautiful, natural nakedness. Join in on the fun with the thrilling Camila Ostende, right here on Playboy Plus

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