20 Apr 2015

Sophia Presley in Private Bunny

Cybergirl Sophia Presley is your private bunny in this up-close-and-personal set from from producer Cassandra Keyes. In little more than a string of pearls and a pair of heels, busty Canadian Sophia pays homage to all the years—not just the ears—of Playboy history. “I love modeling, but I had never really pursued it as a career,” she explains. “When the opportunity to pose for Playboy came along, how could I say no? For every model, that’s kind of a dream.” Lucky for us, it’s Sophia’s reality—looking at these photos, we’d say she’s pretty well-suited to the Playboy lifestyle. All that’s missing is a cocktail and a fire in the fireplace. “I think my best asset is my waist,” she says. “It’s very small, and I have double-jointed hips. Let’s just say I’m flexible.”

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