10 Apr 2015

Sophia Presley in Buxom Babe

Busty Sophia Presley shows us what she’s made of in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. A down-to-earth Canadian girl from Nelson, British Columbia, Sophia’s a lover of all things natural and outdoors, so for this set, Cassandra took her to a cabin in Vancouver and let her take the reins. “I’ve been modeling the past two years, just locally,” she says in a soft, velvety voice. “I love it, but I’ve never really pursued it—not as a career, anyway. It’s more of a passion, something I enjoy doing.” Looking at these photos, Sophia’s passion is more than evident—this is a woman who knows what she’s doing in front of the camera, clothes or no clothes. “Playboy does nudity in a classy way,” says Sophia lightly. “I mean, how can you say no to Playboy? When I heard, I said ‘Hey, why not?’”

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