17 Apr 2015

Sabrina Nichole in Wiggle Room

Sabrina Nichole is your Cybergirl of the Month for April 2015, and she’s got bedroom eyes in this set from photographer Jose Luis. In nothing but a sweater and a pair of stockings, curvy Sabrina leads us into the bedroom, not to mention into temptation. “Contrary to this pictorial, I don’t wear anything to bed,” she says, tugging impatiently at her clothes. “If I have to, I’ll wear a shirt and underwear…but if it’s up to me, I like to sleep naked!” All spread out on the bed, Sabrina reveals herself to us—from her full natural breasts to her long, shapely legs, our Cybergirl of the month is in deliciously good form. “I go on Playboy Plus every day to read the comments,” says Sabrina, stifling a grin. “Y’all make me feel so good! I love to see what people are saying, and I love to interact with all my fans!” You heard the lady, gentlemen—leave Sabrina some nice comments.

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