24 Apr 2015

Sabrina Nichole in Trophy Wifey

Cybergirl of the Month Sabrina Nichole turns the lights down low in this romantic set from photographer Jose Luis. All done up in girlish lingerie, blonde-haired Sabrina can’t wait to show you what she’s got on underneath—endowed with natural 32DDD’s, she’s eager to put her best breasts forward. “I love being in a relationship,” says Sabrina. “Companionship is great—having someone by your side, going through everything from the good times to the tough times. I think it’s just the best feeling.” In order to win Sabrina’s heart, you should be able to relate on a few key points—like her, you should be smart but humble, and ideally, you’ll love to play GameBoy as much as she does. “If you play DS, that’s okay, too,” she purrs. “I’m a bit of a nerd—I watch anime and read manga—but I’m also strong and independent.” We wouldn’t have Sabrina any other way. 

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