19 Apr 2015

Roberta Berti in Kink and Pink

International model Roberta Berti gets a little kinky in this set from photographers David Merenyi and Gabor Klinszky. A history student in the streets, red-haired Miss Berti is a different person on satin sheets. At the peak of her sensuality, she invites us to join her in bed. “I live my life like a movie,” says Roberta. “I have a fine mind, a beautiful body and a great sense of humor. With me, anything can happen.” Unclasping her corset, Roberta proves that she’s got the aforementioned star quality—all spread out on the bed, she’s plainly and simply ravishing. “I think my breasts are the perfect shape,” she says. “They’re small, just how I like them! They are my favorite part of my body.” Remind us to thank Mother Russia for the unbelievably hot Roberta Berti.

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