20 Apr 2015

Mash-Up Monday Best of Legs Vol. 2

Nice stems, great gams, perfect pins—this Mash-Up Monday, it’s all about long, gorgeous legs. First up, Amateur Chloe Miranda kneels on the bed, running her hands over her smooth, tanned thighs, while sexy blonde Lexi Sims stretches out in the late afternoon sun. All-natural Cristina Cass lets her shapely legs dangle over the edge of a grand piano, and Caledonia Cotton gets dramatic in little more than a pair of black pumps. Last but not least, Whitney Whitekirk kicks up a pretty little fuss in the bedroom. Sure, there are breast men and ass men, but this week we’re giving it up for leg men—in the words of ZZ Top, these babes have legs, and they know how to use ‘em.

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