1 Apr 2015

Mandy Kay in Cozy

Cybergirl of the Month Mandy Kay is so warm and soft in this video from producer Jose Luis. Petite and natural, with brown hair and sweet brown eyes, Mandy wears nothing but a tee and panties – and if you think she looks good in loungewear, just wait until you see her in the nude. Spread out on the queen-size bed, Mandy starts to undress – first her top, and then her lace-trimmed panties – and before you know it, she’s got nothing on but a wide, inviting smile. “This set was so cute and girly,” she says. “This is what I like to wear to bed – some nice, soft panties, a loose top and no bra on underneath!” Watch as she moves on the soft, white sheets, her hands roving all over her body – with an October CGOM this hot, who needs anything else? “I love all my fans, and I look forward to all the comments on my butt,” she says. “Keep it coming, guys!”

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