26 Apr 2015

Charlie Riina in Midnight Dip

Cybergirl Charlie Riina goes skinny-dipping in this set from photographer Justin Price. In a form-fitting white swimsuit, blonde-haired Charlie doesn’t waste any time—easing her straps over her shoulders, she slips out of her suit and into the nude, eager to get into the pool. Miss Riina gives the term ‘breaststroke’ a whole new meaning. “I’ve always loved Playboy,” says Charlie. “I won a Playboy contest in Toronto, and that’s how I got on the Girls Network.” Since then, Charlie has been a very busy girl—in addition to her work on Playboy Plus, she recently became a Playmate in Slovakia—and lucky for us, she shows no signs of slowing down. “When I’m in front of the camera, I just kill it,” says Charlie. “I mean, it’s my job!”

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