28 Apr 2015

Brandi Alexander in Fine & Fit

Newcomer Brandi Alexander brings the heat in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. A former contestant on Canada’s Next Top Model, Vancouver-based Brandi is a successful model and local actress. For her latest feature, she’s wearing much less clothing, and making just as memorable an impression. “First of all, Playboy is a very prestigious brand,” says Brandi. “When you think of nude modeling, what’s the first thing you think of? Playboy! Posing nude is such an empowering thing for women, and I find that Playboy does things very tastefully.” Slipping out of her lacy bra and panties, Brandi makes herself very, very comfortable. Any volunteers from the audience care to join her? “I like going out, but I really love to stay home and watch Netflix,” she says. “For this look, we decided to stay home and shoot indoors, getting nice and cozy by the fire!” 

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