15 Apr 2015

Amberleigh West in Soaked Invitation

Amberleigh West gets soaking wet in this hot, hot set from photographer Holly Randall. All-natural Amberleigh turned heads with her first set on Playboy Plus, and with her second, she’s sure to win your heart. We’re no mathematicians, but we’re pretty sure that hot girl + hotter shower = sexy. “Believe it or not, I wasn’t very popular in high school,” says Amberleigh. “Picture me in baggy clothes, with braces, and my hair up in a ponytail. I kept to myself, and I was teased for the way I looked!” These days, Amberleigh is getting the last laugh—as a Playboy model, she’s considered one of the world’s most beautiful girls. “I’ve been told that my best assets are my eyes, my smile and my breasts,” she says. “I agree—those are all my favorite parts!”

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