5 Dec 2014

Lily Rae in Lily Pond

Amateur Lily Rae makes quite the first impression in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Black-haired, brown-eyed and very, very curvy, Lily fills out every last bit of her floral-print bikini. “For my first Playboy shoot, I was flown all the way to Bali,” she says excitedly. “Cassandra decided to shoot by the lily pond, with a nod to my first name. It was just amazing.” Sure, the location is beautiful, but Lily Rae is heart-stopping – when you see her in the nude, you won’t believe your eyes. She’s so well-endowed that during her on-set interview, her breasts kept popping out of her top. “I’m laid back, and I like to go with the flow,” says Lily. “I’ve always wanted to pose for Playboy, and now here I am – it doesn’t get much better than that!” Enjoy the bounty that is Lily Rae, only on Playboy Plus .

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