1 Dec 2014

Elizabeth Marxs in Tidal Force

Cybergirl of the Year Elizabeth Marxs is a true force of nature in this sunset strip from photographer Holly Randall. When we think of our CGOY, we think of words like ‘natural’ and ‘red’ – so we whisked her off to tropical Costa Rica, tucked her into a cherry-red bikini, and let the sexy Miss Marxs do her thing. “Dominical was very peaceful,” says Elizabeth. “It was hot and sunny every day, and at night, we had the most perfect sunsets!” As if to demonstrate, she strips down in front of the sunset, kneeling in the surf and letting the salt water rush over her smooth thighs. “We shot this pictorial in an area called La Punta – that means ‘the point’,” says Elizabeth. “The makeup artist covered me in 24-karat gold powder, and when the sun’s rays hit me, I was just glittering!” That’s the point, Miss Marxs – only the best for our Cybergirl of the Year 2014.

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