5 Dec 2014

Chanel Elle in Blonde Desire

Cybergirl Chanel Elle has blonde ambition in this set from photographer Damir K. An ebullient blonde from Newport Beach, California, Chanel has more than her fair share of body confidence. Seen here in nothing but a lacy bra and panties, she’s got us right where she wants us. “I shot these photos in the doorway of the most fabulous house,” says Chanel. “To heat things up a bit, I straddled the glass table – I was hoping it wouldn’t shatter underneath me!” If anything is shattering, it’s the earth – that sound you hear is a thousand men falling in love with seductive Chanel Elle. “My favorite part of my body is my ass,” she says. “I love to arch my back, look back at it and pop it for the camera – that’s when I feel the hottest!” Get it popping with the gorgeous Chanel Elle, right here on Playboy Plus .

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