12 Dec 2014

Chandler South in Steamy

Cybergirl Chandler South gets all wet in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. By now, we think it’s well established that Chandler is a bit of a firecracker – with her bright red hair, blue eyes and confidence in front of the camera, she’s earned a lot of attention on Playboy Plus. “I had a blast shooting with Jennifer,” says Chandler. “I think her direction is hotter than my modeling! At the end of this shoot, Jen got right in the shower with me. Go ahead and be jealous – I had tons and tons of fun.” Slipping out of a gold suit, Chandler slides into the shower, letting the water run all over her petite, porcelain-skinned body. Let’s just say that this clean-up session gets pretty dirty. Take a nice, hot shower with Chandler South, only on Playboy Plus .

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