8 Dec 2014

Caitlin McSwain in Outdoor Nude

Amateur Caitlin McSwain comes out swinging in this set from photographer Jose Luis A pert brunette with bottle-green eyes, Caitlin is a first-time model - but looking at these smoking hot photos, you certainly wouldn’t know it. “Who doesn’t want to be a Playboy model?” she asks in a slight but charming Texan accent. “I’m very comfortable with my body, especially my breasts. I waited a long time for those to show up, and now they’re perfect – small, round, natural and perky!” Slipping out of her top and shorts, Caitlin shows herself off, letting us savor every last bit of her beautiful body. “My special talent is being photogenic,” she says, giggling. “That’s about it! I can’t sing, dance or act – but I’m extremely flexible!” Bend the rules with Amateur Caitlin McSwain, right here on Playboy Plus .

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