1 Dec 2014

Alana Wolfe is In The Jungle

 Amateur Alana Wolfe uses her animal instincts in this set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Petite and natural, with blonde hair and slate-blue eyes, Alana goes wild in a hot cutout bikini – and if you think that she looks good in a swimsuit, just wait until you see this little Sheila in the nude. “Any glamour model dreams of being a Playboy bunny,” she gushes. “Bali is so beautiful, and I feel so honored that Cassandra invited me to shoot here!” Lush surroundings ain’t got nothin’ on the luscious Miss Wolfe – let’s just say that they call it natural beauty for a reason. “This was a fun, playful shoot,” says Alana. “I had a lot of fun with the float! For me, Playboy is a win-win situation!” Everyone wins with Amateur Alana Wolfe .

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