28 Nov 2014

Stefanie Knight in Gentle Breeze

Cybergirl Stefanie Knight is back and hotter than ever in this set from photographer Holly Randall. From our New Year’s babe to our Cybergirl of the Month, raven-haired Stefanie has always been a fan favorite – and seen here in a satin bra and panties, she definitely delivers the goods. “My confidence makes me a good model,” says Stefanie. “My naked body is truly my best look – I’ve always been confident about my body, and I couldn’t wait to show off in front of the camera.” And show off she does – all spread out on the bed, her long, dark hair fanned out behind her, Miss Knight is the picture of feminine pulchritude. “With cleavage like mine, I’m always accused of having fake boobs,” says Stef. “Trust me – these are real! They’re my favorite part of my body.” Get real with Cybergirl Stefanie Knight, right here on Playboy Plus .

Webmoney R806208188143                                      Z939375850388
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