27 Nov 2014

Nasia Jansen in Taking it Slow

Cybergirl Nasia Jansen takes it nice and slow in this hot, wet set from photographer Holly Randall. In nothing but a lace bikini, Nasia heads to the pool for a midnight dip – and if we may say so, that bikini hugs her curves very, very nicely. “We waited to shoot these photos until after the sun went down,” says Nasia. “Holly is my first female photographer, and I had so much fun on set.” We think that comes across in the photos – standing under the waterfall, Nasia lets her hair down in the hottest possible way. Let’s just say that this German-Tunisian stunner will make your mouth water. “I think I’m unique among Playboy models,” she says. “I’m exotic, and I have an unusual eye color. People always ask me if they’re contacts!” We sure would like to make contact with Nasia Jansen .

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