29 Nov 2014

Michaela & Sabrisse in Passion

Natural beauties Michaela Isizzu and her friend Sabrisse turn up the heat in this girl-on-girl set from photographer David Merenyi. Brown-haired, brown-eyed Michaela thrilled you as Cybergirl of the Month, so for her return performance, we decided let Miss Isizzu take the reins. In matching sweaters and panties, she and Sabrisse roll around on the shag rug, kissing and touching all the way. “I love to party with my girlfriends,” says Michaela. “Anything is fun with the right person!” In this case, the right person is Sabrisse – let’s just say that these girls have a lot more on their minds than good, clean fun. “My sex advice is to be spontaneous,” says Michaela, teasing. “Just enjoy! I hope the fans like this.” Enjoy yourselves with Czech babes Michaela Isizzu and Sabrisse, only on Playboy Plus .

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