30 Nov 2014

Meghan Leopard in Sensual Patterns

 Amateur Meghan Leopard shows her spots in this hot set from photographer Damir K. A black-haired beauty with a leopard-print tattoo, Meghan caught our eye all the way from Toronto, Canada, and we knew we’d have to have her on Playboy Plus. “I started out on Playboy’s Miss Social,” she says. “I was in sixth place. Then one day, I got an email from Playboy’s casting director, inviting me to try out in Montreal.” Naturally, Miss Leopard aced her casting, and now she’s here to entice us even further. Black lace stockings have never looked so good. “I’m way more comfortable in the nude,” says Meghan. “My best assets are probably what I’m complimented on the most – and a lot of people like my booty.” With a body like hers, who needs clothes? Get your motors running with Meghan Leopard, right here on Playboy Plus .

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