13 Nov 2014

Jeannie Santiago in Rare Breed

 Cybergirl Jeannie Santiago brings the heat in this set from photographer Jared Ryder. Back at Diamond Supply Co. HQ, Jeannie decks herself out in a black leather top, panties and stockings – and if you think she looks good in clothes, just wait until you see her in the nude. “I’m one of those chicks who walk around the house naked,” she says. “I don’t need lingerie or heels to seduce someone. I’m comfortable with my body – I just show up in the nude.” Here at Playboy, we certainly don’t mind her forward thinking, or a little forwardness in front of the camera. “Shooting for Playboy is great, because you get to be the center of attention all day,” says Jeannie. “Now I’m a pro – with this skateboard, I’m gonna win the next X-Games!” Take a good, long look at gorgeous Cybergirl Jeannie Santiago, right here on Playboy Plus. .

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