9 Nov 2014

Gia Marie in Vintage Vibes

Playmate Gia Marie sets the mood with this set from photographer Josh Ryan. A self-professed lover of arts and music, Gia felt right at home with a pair of headphones and a pile of records – and in the nude, let’s just say that this Malibu beauty will make your head spin. “My legs are my best asset,” she says, stretching out on the wine-colored leather settee. “I have a lean, athletic build, so they’re nice and long – just how I like them!” We like her legs, too, but we have to admit, it’s hard to pay attention with the rest of that beautiful, natural body on full display. “My breasts aren’t huge, but they’re real,” she says proudly. “I’d say they meet Playmate standards.” We’d say that Gia is the gold standard, and her nice-and-easy personality is just icing on the cake – so sit back, relax and take a spin with our Miss November 2014, only on Playboy Plus.

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