1 Dec 2014

Elizabeth Ostrander in Natural Beauty

Playmate Elizabeth Ostrander melts hearts in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. When we think of classic Playboy, we think of beautiful, natural women – and with that in mind, we chose this force of nature as our final Playmate of 2014. “I modeled professionally before Playboy,” says Elizabeth. “I modeled in Paris, South Africa and Greece. Actually, I have a tattoo of a nautilus shell on my arm – that’s Greek for ‘sailor’.” During the off season, our seafaring Miss December is on dry land, and we’re glad she chose Playboy as her port in a storm. “I’m perfect for Playboy,” says Elizabeth. “I’ve got big, natural boobs, and I’m an old soul.” Perfect indeed – come in from the cold with our Miss December 2014, right here on Playboy Plus .

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