23 Nov 2014

Elizabeth Ostrander in Hot & Cold

Playmate Elizabeth Ostrander brings the heat in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. It may be cold, but our Miss December 2014 is hot, hot, hot – seen here in nothing but a bit of fur, redheaded Elizabeth is sure to melt your heart. “One of my favorite things about being at sea is the color,” she says. “It’s always changing – clear blues, bright reds and oranges. From an artistic standpoint, that’s really beautiful. I love to draw and paint, and the sea inspires me – I’m never bored.” Elizabeth’s colors inspire us, too – her fiery red hair and blue eyes would have any man falling head over heels in love. “I’m a true ginger,” she acknowledges, good-humored. “Redheads to things that blondes wish they could do.” Redheads make up only 2% of the population, so Elizabeth is a rare breed indeed – according to her Playmate data sheet, she loves sex morning, noon and night. “No wonder I love James Brown’s song “Sex Machine” so much,” she jokes. Get on up with our Miss December 2014, right here on Playboy Plus

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