26 Nov 2014

Chandler South in Foreplay

Cybergirl Chandler South engages in a little foreplay in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. It’s late at night, and red-haired Chandler is waiting for you in the bedroom – wearing nothing but black lace and a mask, her wrists tied with a silk scarf, she’s more than ready to get this party started. “In this pictorial, I play a hot, steamy vixen,” says Chandler. “During the shoot, I rolled around on the bed, wore a blindfold and got tied up – but by far, the best part was pouring hot oil all over my boobs.” Needless to say, Miss South is very adventurous, and she’s not afraid to try new things in the bedroom. “I thought hot oil was gonna hurt, but it felt really good,” she says. “I’d never done that before!” Do it up with voluptuous Chandler South, only on Playboy Plus .

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