22 Nov 2014

Alissa Arden in Black Stripes

Cybergirl of the Month Alissa Arden earns her stripes in this set from photographer Jose Luis. Sadly, November is coming to an end, and this is Alissa’s last pictorial as Cybergirl of the Month - but fear not, guys, ‘cause true to form, she’s putting on an eye-popping, heart-stopping show. “This shoot was so glamorous,” she says excitedly. “I loved the lingerie in this set. I felt so, so sexy wearing it. And I loved the bright red lips!” If you like Alissa in lingerie, you’ll love her in the nude – spread out on the rug, her long legs even longer in a pair of heels, this is Miss Arden at her very, very finest. “When it comes to sex, I don’t like to rush,” she says. “Kissing and all that other stuff is just as important!” As far as “other stuff” goes, Alissa has a little something in mind. “I love Fifty Shades of Grey,” she hints. “I’m flexible, and I like to challenge myself!” Take it nice and easy with our Cybergirl of the Month, right here on Playboy Plus .

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