21 Nov 2014

Alisette Rodriguez in Work It

Cybergirl Alisette Rodriguez takes it outside in this hot set from photographer Justin Price. In nothing but a white bodysuit and heels, Miss Rodriguez invites us out to the garden – and let’s just say that the flowers aren’t the only things in full bloom. “This location was so beautiful,” says Alisette. “The scenery was gorgeous!” Spring was in the air, and you know what they say about bunnies in the springtime – Alisette couldn’t wait to take it off in front of the cameras. “To shoot this pictorial, I wanted to take off my nipple rings,” she says, laughing. “It was really hard to get them off! I made the makeup artist and photographer help me, so pretty much everyone got to touch my boobs – eventually, we had to ask the gardener for a pair of pliers!” We appreciate the effort, Alisette – and we’re sure our viewers love the unobstructed view of those beautiful natural breasts. “My boobs are very perky,” she acknowledges. “I hope you guys love these photos!” .

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