10 Nov 2014

Alisette Rodriguez in Best of Both Worlds

Amateur Alisette Rodriguez is sizzling in this debut set from photographer Justin Price. All natural, with light brown hair and brown eyes, Alisette is a woman of many talents – and lucky for us, the latest on her list of achievements is ‘Playboy model’. “My experience has been great so far,” she says, in a slight but charming Jersey accent. “I’m a stylist, so clothes and shoes are my life, and I loved the wardrobe on this shoot.” Undressed to impress in a red satin bra, panties and heels, Alisette is more than ready to show us what she’s got. “I’d say that my best asset is my stomach,” she says, running her hands across her midsection. “It’s fit and masculine, but still very soft and feminine. My waist is ridiculously tiny, and it gives me a nice Coke-bottle shape.” Beautiful, talented and naturally curvy? Pinch yourselves all you want, but you’re not dreaming with the gorgeous Alisette Rodriguez. .

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