21 Oct 2014

Mandy Kay in Cute Curves

Mandy Kay is your Cybergirl of the Month for October 2014, and she’s so, so sweet in this set from photographer Jose Luis. “We shot this set on a nice, white bed,” says Mandy, patting the soft pillows. “Pure and innocent, but really sexy, too. I loved the purple lingerie – purple is my absolute favorite color!” Stripping out of her bra and panties, her long hair spread out on the bed, Mandy will have you blushing with pleasure in no time. “I may look innocent, but I love to tell dirty jokes,” she admits. “I really have to think before I speak! When I make a joke, people are like, ‘Oh, my God – did that just come out of her mouth?’” Beautiful, natural and possessed of a dirty sense of humor? Pinch us, we must be dreaming. . .

Webmoney R806208188143                                      Z939375850388
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50004135421234340184.jpg 39160164146845126368.jpg 66510295214536786756.jpg 95581130122190258192.jpg 07890268879284446054.jpg 45207200589485933822.jpg 95335838498961393494.jpg 93055267962365360000.jpg 90627186871199929399.jpg 06798220530644387272.jpg 46159319593863576911.jpg 21767769660018722592.jpg 76461885778980947005.jpg 95460592319165071508.jpg 44468467736598718432.jpg 19441802968034949405.jpg 50190228035297658779.jpg 80804041341702014752.jpg 14673329092082518560.jpg 40370589927783068247.jpg 39360839155583446644.jpg 67447718302648126474.jpg 15735534035345890405.jpg 28047117062367302779.jpg 20273394164944182159.jpg 60608443464625756936.jpg 20364216725200264800.jpg 15870896910863263729.jpg 55847697579737780241.jpg 18596462123827233033.jpg

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