8 Oct 2014

Kimber Cox in Poolside Passion

Cybergirl Kimber Cox cools it poolside in this hot set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. A blue-eyed blonde from Houston, Texas, Miss Cox works in real estate – and as any good agent will tell you, a pool is a very valuable asset. Stripping out of her bikini, Kimber steps into the water, letting it run in rivulets all over her curvy body. Suffice it to say that a hot day just got a whole lot hotter. “This was the last set I shot with Jen,” says Kimber. “When we were finished shooting, Jen jumped in the pool with me – naked!” While we don’t have any photographic evidence, we’re sure you’ve got an active imagination – busty Kimber plus a skimpy red bikini equals a good time, and if one hot blonde is good, then two is even better. “I had so much fun with this pictorial, and I know you guys are gonna like it, too,” she says. “I love all my fans!” Right back at you, Miss Cox. 

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