26 Oct 2014

Jessi Marie in Midday Dip

Cybergirl Jessi Marie is a bathing beauty in this hot, wet set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. All done up in a lacy one-piece and heels, Jessi is looking very good indeed – and if you think that she looks good in lingerie, just wait until you see her in the nude. “We decided to shoot this set in the bathtub,” says Jessi. “I got to wear this gorgeous one-piece, and I think I gave a very seductive performance.” She sure did – in the hot, soapy water, Jessi is soaked to the skin, and more than ready to show you what she’s got. “When I’m in front of the camera, I feel like a diva,” she says. “Like I can have whatever I want!” Anything you want, Jessi – we’re all yours. . .

Webmoney R806208188143                                      Z939375850388
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