6 Oct 2014

Jaclyn Swedberg in Artful Grace

Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg captivates in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Our Playmate of the Year 2012 is back and better than ever in a lacy bra, panties and thigh-highs, and if you like her in lingerie, you’re going to love her in the nude. “This house was like a castle,” says Jaclyn. “For this set, we decided to shoot in the bedroom – very boudoir, very classic Playboy. I loved it!” The feeling is mutual, Miss Swedberg. “I’ve been on Playboy TV, I’m Miss April 2011 and I’m Playmate of the Year 2012, so I like to say I’ve got a lot of Playboy experience,” says Jaclyn, giggling. “From here, I’d love to do some more television!” With a face and body like hers, Miss Swedberg belongs on the silver screen – but for now, we’ll settle for this gorgeous pictorial.

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62523713428595138766.jpg 34298132569778371015.jpg 46713377969947250478.jpg 66753149284034105858.jpg 63905031885525468824.jpg 09462238619138155335.jpg 82219593176492539675.jpg 82415709405507778135.jpg 21738168285876002030.jpg 34404455375387940069.jpg 69164452342787003795.jpg 69119026841121221869.jpg 36919387756343243497.jpg 00502040964602566244.jpg 85855337413396664758.jpg 48811806461434612570.jpg 60137354100586428578.jpg 83849707313905200419.jpg 40804483876078178413.jpg 77371111453582129500.jpg 41329121564798604112.jpg 58690019530539795763.jpg 54678166799655407509.jpg 75441956094075057874.jpg 66071702476914493207.jpg 54825510925034607521.jpg 17679330536729397935.jpg 26032940330641302133.jpg 09388062966361166302.jpg 98020121892983692385.jpg

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