21 Oct 2014

Gia Marie in Home Body

Gia Marie is our Miss November 2014, and she’s good as gold in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. With her red hair, green eyes and a warm, burnished tan, Gia recalls the fine, feline Playmates of the 1970’s, so we decided to treat her to a chic pictorial set in the legendary Sheats-Goldstein residence. For all you film buffs, that's no ordinary residence - it’s Jackie Treehorn's house from The Big Lebowski. “I never wanted to leave,” says Gia. “That house is so iconic, and I felt so hot and sexy there.” Gia is no stranger to 60’s and 70’s nostalgia – “I’ve watched Boogie Nights about fifty times,” she admits – and all spread out on a shag wool rug, we think she fits in very, very nicely. Lautner may have designed the house – in fact, he created the lighting and furniture, too – but all-natural Gia is an original design, and one hundred percent her own woman. Get to know our seductive Miss November, right here on Playboy Plus.. .

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