7 Oct 2014

Angie in Turn Around

Ukrainian International model Angie wraps it up with this searing hot shoot from photographer Said Energizer. A black-haired beauty from small-town Zaporozhye, Ukraine, Angie is one of Eastern Europe’s finest imports – and in nothing but a skimpy crop top and shorts, she’s looking very fine indeed. Slipping out of her top, she lets her hands roam all over her body, starting with her full, soft breasts – and before you know it, she’s not wearing anything but a pair of nude heels. Lucky for you, you don’t have to go all the way to the Ukraine to get a good look at Angie, ‘cause she’s treating us to some sexy sightseeing right here on Playboy Plus. 

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96314546755928362782.jpg 53380880757889505576.jpg 73718416907921179991.jpg 92676686496947710175.jpg 58630266142863622150.jpg 57729925034036589577.jpg 80043608763090574826.jpg 96549272758601220963.jpg 80916740884656344471.jpg 89210119101378529172.jpg 30948682002181307425.jpg 00051856367599889008.jpg 36958681097433729914.jpg 78631987637316149775.jpg 76044416339097449362.jpg 93932077463658987103.jpg 67884336952675888409.jpg 24042532305016171597.jpg 62691930357066666161.jpg 90870281459021835203.jpg 34031069494352575684.jpg 96324505999790675281.jpg 45567380358635767577.jpg 58209654486626267611.jpg 65947451078392435998.jpg 08710571847589007150.jpg 99277690462050914413.jpg 02104770344261971823.jpg 77372056163059231825.jpg 19250966942336134353.jpg

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