8 Sep 2014

Emy Richardson in Exotic Flower

Amateur Emy Richardson gets right down to business in this gorgeous set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Black-haired and brown-eyed, with long, slender legs, Emy hails from Australia, though she’s lived and worked all over Europe. “Oh, I am all about adventure,” she says with a cute Aussie accent. “When I heard that Playboy was casting in Australia, I thought, ‘That sounds like an adventure!’ I sent in my photos, and two days later, I was booked for my first shoot!” The results are seen here, and we think you’ll agree when we say they are spectacular. “I love to travel, and for this shoot, Cassandra took me to Bali,” says Emy. “This is my first time posing nude, and I had a blast, so I hope you like it, too!”

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